Get Ya Freak On in a Hummer EV...with King Crab.

Get Ya Freak On in a Hummer EV...with King Crab.

Krista’s Newsletter #009


  • Trends:  Podcast Marathon by Startup Incubator American Underground
  • Gangster Marketing Strategy:  Get Your Freak on in the New Hummer EV
  • 1-Minute Coaching Session: Doing Good While Creating Awareness
  • What I’m Into This Week

📰 Trends

American Underground is a startup incubator in what we call the Triangle - Raleigh,Durham, and Chapel Hill NC. A strong number of thriving businesses have launched from AU. I got to see this firsthand at a startup weekend hackathon when my then-employer was a sponsor. AU is doing something I’ve never seen before on March 16, 2022 - holding an 8-hour podcast marathon and doing it via livestream on YouTube. I think this is another good example of a “contagious” content marketing strategy - something people talk about.

This isn’t 8 hours of wall-to-wall startup talk, either. The lineup features 8 different one-hour shows on topics ranging from venture capital to Saltbox Seafood, and again it’s being broadcast live.

Check out the video below for more details on the lineup, and bookmark it to come back and listen live if you like.

😎 Gangster Content of the Week

Editor's note: One trait I admire in content creators and marketers is the ability to seize an opportunity quickly, develop some killer content around it, and drive good results. I give you what I call  "Gangster Content of the Week"-K

By now you can probably guess I’m a big hip hop fan. Consequently, any good piece of content featuring hip hop catches my eye. Yesterday, I saw the new GMC Hummer EV spot during the NCAA conference championships. When it opens, you see and are immediately drawn in by a large crew  of crabs walking sideways, as crabs do, through various street scenes, all perfectly synchronized to the beat of Missy Elliot’s smash hit “Get Ya Freak On”.  Eventually, the crab crew ends up in the driveway of, wait for it, Lebron James, sitting in his GMC Hummer EV. Turns out this new truck has a “Crabwalk” button that turns the wheels at about a 30 degree angle in the same direction and, just like that, the vehicle “crabwalks”. I could watch this 100 times. See for yourself. Follows the classic sales call format “Get attention. Hold interest. Create desire. Make call to action clear.”

Watch here:

⏰ One-Minute Coaching Session - Don’t buy billboards, paint a basketball court

Via Marketing Brew

To promote their new series Winning Time about the rise of the LA Lakers, HBOMax decided to create social impact by hiring a local artist to refurbish Inglewood High School’s outdoor basketball court, reflecting the “Showtime” 70s and 80s era. Marketing Brew recently examined this marketing activation, which has some key takeaways that are easy to miss otherwise. HBO told Marketing Brew:

“…HBO partnered with the organization Project Backboard, a nonprofit founded in 2014 by Daniel Peterson that is devoted to restoring old basketball courts and installing striking visual art to strengthen communities around the country.”

Once the project was finished, HBO hired an NBA trainer to hold basketball skills camps on the court. So, there are some takeaways from this, even though most of us are not billion dollar cable network owners.

  • Evergreen content beats temporary content every single time. You can imagine this court becoming a tourist destination and a photo op.
  • Always look for opportunities to authentically make social impact.
  • Using a local content creator builds credibility and authenticity.

What I’m digging this week

Listening and Watching: Bel Air, the reboot of Fresh Prince Prince of Bel Air, is SO well done. It takes a more dramatic approach to the story, and the script, acting, and visuals are all fantastic. The soundtrack is as well. Listen here.

Following: On Twitter this response video from rapper LL Cool J reacting to a compilation of highlights of his epic and, at times, eclectic 90s music videos.

That’s it for this week!  Keep pounding, and if I can help you please reach out.  –KS