NFTs, Livestreams, and Talking Restrooms

NFTs, Livestreams, and Talking Restrooms


Would you pay $450K for the picture above? Eminem recently did, for a different piece in this same collection. Why? Because it is a non-fungible token or NFT.

Krista's Newsletter #002

Would you pay $450K for the picture above?  Eminem recently did, for a different piece in this same collection. Why? Because it is a non-fungible token or NFT.

I’ve been trying to educate myself on non-fungible-tokens ever since Gary Vaynerchuk said everyone should take 30 hours to learn about this medium. I am going to talk about NFTs in this newsletter over the next 3-4 weeks because there are a lot of moving parts to this space.

NFTs are unique digital assets.

Just like art prints, sometimes they are produced in a numbered series. Sometimes they are produced in a unique collection. Sometimes they are one of a kind. They may increase or decrease in value. They can be a still image or animated or a video.
Let me answer the big question: Why would I buy one of these when I can take a screenshot of that, download it, watch it on YouTube or TikTok, for free? Here’s how it was explained to me: You could take a screenshot of one of Amy Sherald or Kehinde Wiley’s paintings or take a picture of one of them at a museum. You wouldn’t then say you own an Amy Sherald or Kehinde Wiley piece. The same is true of NFTs. Yes NFTs.

The next big question

Why are celebrities, athletes, etc. spending 6 to 7 figures on art like CyberPunks or Bored Ape Yacht Club? The short answer is: 1. it has become a status symbol or “flex” as it’s called in the NFT world and 2.that is what rich people do – spend copious amounts of money on things because they can. The ultimate flex? Using your $1M NFT as your profile picture on Twitter. Check out Jay-Z’s Twitter profile pic of his CyberPunk.

Next week’s newsletter we will dive into some ways you can use NFTs as part of your content creator strategy. Until then, here are a few resources so you can learn more. (NOTE: A lot of the NFT conversation happens on Twitter, so you will see a lot of handles listed. I recommend starting with GaryVee’s YouTube channel):

Gary Vaynerchuk:            
Crypto Punks:
Bored Ape Yacht Club:
Vee Friends:
S◎L Legend:
JPEG Lord:
Captain Kix.eth:

One Minute Coaching Session-Go Live Sometimes!  📋

Video content can be natively recorded and uploaded  within pretty much all social apps on your phone or tablet: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. What’s also there, but gets used far less,  on those very same apps? Livestreaming.  In fact, if you are like me, you have likely prayed you hit the ‘record’ button instead of the ‘go live’ button more than once, yes?

So why I am I suggesting you do this?

It scales your connection with your followers/fans/customers. When you go live, you’re unrehearsed and authentic. Yeah the lighting might not be perfect or there may be traffic noise, but, your audience will be hyped you took time out of your day to pop in and share what you’re working on or recap an event you’re attending. (And your audience can interact with you via the chat function.).

So why not try it this week? Answer a tweet with a video. Go live on Instagram or your Facebook page. I did it this week to deep dive on the giveaway I’m running. Check it out here.

Gangster Content of the Week 😎

Restrooms that talk junk to each other. As a content marketing tactic. For real. (No I haven’t lost my mind.)

Let me explain.

There’s a dive bar in Durham, North Carolina called The Accordion Club. To encourage patrons to take selfies in one of the restrooms, someone created an Insta account last July, @lilac_selfie_attack, named for the color of one of the restroom’s walls. The ask is simple, take selfies in the Lilac-colored restroom, post on Insta and tag the restroom’s Instagram handle.  

via @Lilac_Selfie_Attack on Instagram

(I told you it was a dive bar.)

Here’s where the fun comes in.

In October 2021, someone created a “rival” Insta account for their other mustard-colored restroom called, you guessed it, @mustard_selfie_attack, and a virtual restroom rivalry was born. According to The Eater Carolinas, the sibling accounts take virtual jabs at each other in their Instagram posts and in DMs. Witness this missive from the Lilac account

“Mustard is my older brother. I am more popular because I have a mirror…He’s super jealous because…I get all the attention.”

Full disclosure, I’ve never been to this place, and I’m not encouraging drinking. What I am encouraging is what a tremendous word of mouth marketing tactic this is. If this quirky bar is your thing, imagine the engagement that gets driven if you take a selfie and it’s posted to one of these accounts. You share it with friends or on your Instagram story, more people like and share, and maybe they decide to check the place out themselves. Many businesses pay thousands of dollars to digital agencies to get this kind of engagement and following. The Lilac account has gained 1000 followers and generated over 250 selfies in 6 months, while the Mustard account has picked up 170 followers since October.

But if the Mustard restroom gets a mirror…

What I’m up to

Had to put the Casey Neistat film class on pause. Will pick it back up later. Finishing a course on how to livestream DJ sets from Digital DJ Tips …Note: I need to invent a turnkey solution to DJ livestreaming....It isn’t the class, it’s more that there are so many adapters, amps, cords, converters, software,  Codecs, etc. it’s like Frankenstein’s streaming monster. Not to mention trying to comply with each platforms copyright rules….that will be a future article. --K

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