👍🏼 Jared Leto, 10- Minute Portfolio, Atomic Habits

👍🏼 Jared Leto, 10- Minute Portfolio, Atomic Habits


Krista's Newsletter #010


  • Trends: Lessons from the founder of WeWork, Adam Neumann
  • Gangster Marketing Strategy: How to Create Your Copywriting Portfolio in 10 Min
  • 1-Minute Coaching Session:  Respond Respond Respond!
  • What I’m Into This Week: March Madness, 1% Gains, “We Crashed” on Apple TV

📈 Trends:  Lessons from the founder of WeWork, Adam Neumann


(Jared Leto as Adam Neumann in "WeCrashed" on Apple TV+)

I've been glued to the Apple TV series WeCrashed, which chronicles the rise and fall of WeWork and it's founder, Adam Neumann(played flawlessly by Jared Leto). While it’s true he’s a polarizing figure for a lot of reasons, I don’t think anyone can knock his hustle. So, how in the world did Adam Neumann convince venture capitalists to invest in his co-working business, WeWork, before it was even built?

Here are my 3 takeaways:

  • Tremendous hustle: When his rent was due and he was broke, he threw a good old fashioned rent party, put up handmade signs in his building, charged $20, and packed out the rooftop of the building. It was a long way from that to billion dollar valuations, but he did what he had to do.
  • Sell outcomes, not product: Before he had an investor or a landlord, Neumann mapped out a coworking space on the floor with painter's tape. Then he brought in his potential investor or landlord, and helped them visualize the end result, and how it would make customers feel.
  • No fear of failure: Before WeWork, Neumann tried onesies with kneepads for babies and ladies pumps with a convertible heel to make them into flats. Both flopped, but it didn't discourage him ever. He kept pushing until he found what worked.

Again, Neumann is not perfect. He used a lot of people, and exaggerated his company’s valuation. Still it’s hard not to be impressed by what he built.

😎 Gangster Marketing Strategy: How to Create Your Content Portfolio in 10 Min

This week I’m featuring a personal marketing strategy, as opposed to marketing to your target audience. I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve productivity, so when I was surfing through Nevile Medhora’s site and saw “Create Your Copywriting Portfolio in 10 Minutes”, I had to check it out. And don’t worry, I see no reason why it couldn’t be adapted to any other kind of portfolio. All you have to do is use one of the free Google Doc portfolio templates provided, and use it to organize and link your work to it, rinse/repeat, and you have a portfolio with a link you can share to prospective customers.  Check it out here: https://copywritingcourse.com/copywriting-portfolio/

⏰ 1-Minute Coaching Session: Respond Respond Respond!

One of my favorite artists, Rapsody, liked one of my tweets last week.

I was over the moon.

You would think she gave me a backstage pass the way I felt. Connecting and engaging with your followers doesn’t cost a thing, but it pays dividends tangible and intangible far beyond the response you make.

What I’m Into This Week

  • 🏀March Madness: I am a big basketball fan, so this is just a heavenly time for me.
  • 📙Atomic Habits: In his book Atomic Habits, James Clear says the way to achieve your goals is by forming a habit, AND, the only way to do that is in “atom sized” steps. Ex. If you want to start walking every day, start by putting on your workout clothes and your sneakers each day for a week. And that’s it. Next week, add walking for 1 minute, then build up from there. Over-achievers, this won’t be easy I know. ;-)
  • 📺“We Crashed” on Apple TV - As I said above, it is so well done. Anne Hathaway is equally peculiar and fascinating as Adam Neumann’s wife, Rebekah. It is a success story, and a cautionary tale.