Test Newsletter 👍🏽 Best of: ⏰ One-Minute Coaching

Test Newsletter 👍🏽 Best of: ⏰ One-Minute Coaching


Recap of some of the best One-Minute Coaching Sessions from the Creator Coaching newsletter.

The newsletter is on hiatus until May 8 while the website is being redesigned. To hold you until then, I'm creating a few "Best of the Newsletter" recaps. Talk soon. --Krista

1.Set a goal before you create.  

What are your goals in life?
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Asking right-brained creatives like us to spend time on objectives, business metrics, conversion rates, revenue per subscriber, etc is like asking us to write with the opposite hand - it just feels backwards.

It's not what we do, right?  

I've had some clients get mad when I bring this up, because well, it just isn't fun.

But see goals actually help you know what content to create. The YouTube video you shoot if your goal is to get 1000 new subscribers is different than the vlog you shoot if you are trying to sell a new group coaching program.

Make friends with goals y'all, okay?

2. Go live sometimes!  📋

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Video content can be natively recorded and uploaded  within pretty much all social apps on your phone or tablet: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. What’s also there, but gets used far less,  on those very same apps? Livestreaming.  In fact, if you are like me, you have likely prayed you hit the ‘record’ button instead of the ‘go live’ button more than once, yes?

So why I am I suggesting you do this?

It scales your connection with your followers/fans/customers. When you go live, you’re unrehearsed and authentic. Yeah the lighting might not be perfect or there may be traffic noise, but, your audience will be hyped you took time out of your day to pop in and share what you’re working on or recap an event you’re attending. (And your audience can interact with you via the chat function.).

So why not try it this week? Answer a tweet with a video. Go live on Instagram or your Facebook page. I did it this for the giveaway I ran in January. Check it out here.

3. What are your target customer's pain points?

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If you offer any kind of training or teaching content, it is critical that you understand your ideal customer’s pain points and then solve them with your content.

Skip this step at your own risk.

This came up in a conversation with a friend who was frustrated he couldn’t get his customers to see the value of his software education program. He shared all the available modules, costs, 4K video, and so on, but still got crickets.  So, I asked him one question: “What is important to your customer? What pain points do they have that your solution solves?” Instantly he started to shift his mindset to solving his customer’s problems instead of selling his solution.

I know, for some of us, this isn’t the creative, fun part of content, but if you do it, it will help your views, likes, and subscribers grow.