24 Karat Magic, Starbucks to the rescue,  Web 3.0 vs Web 1.0

24 Karat Magic, Starbucks to the rescue, Web 3.0 vs Web 1.0


In Jonah Berger’s book, Contagious, he says companies need to build brands people talk about - Taking a page from Contagious, artist and entrepreneur Niclas Castello created a $11.7M 24K solid gold cube took it to New York’s Central Park.

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  • Trends: 24K Magic $11.7M gold cube as word of mouth marketing
  • Acts of goodwill: Starbucks barista saves a girl with hot chocolate
  • One-minute coaching session: How to get out of Web 1.0 mode?
  • What I’m into this week

😎 Trends

In Jonah Berger’s book, Contagious: Why Things Catch On, he says that companies need to build brands that people talk about - like the new Philadelphia restaurant that created a $1000 kobe beef Philly Cheesesteak. Seemingly taking a page from Contagious, artist and entrepreneur Niclas Castelo created a 24K solid gold cube worth $11.7M, took it to New York’s Central Park, and displayed it from dusk till dawn earlier this month. (under heavily armed guard, yes)  But why? To promote the future launch of their cryptocurrency named, wait for it, Castello Coin  (Symbol: $CAST),  Castello Coin positions itself as “a bridge between the traditional financial world of finance, the world of traditional forms of investment and traditional art, and the new world, the world of cryptocurrencies and the digital age.”

It’s too early to tell if all this was successful - Castello Coin is still in beta, and not yet available for US residents to purchase - but it does make a case for creating word-of-mouth.

👍🏼 An Act of Goodwill  

This week, I want to diverge from marketing tactics and salute an act of goodwill and heroism by a  Starbucks employee in Dallas, Texas who went above and beyond to care about a customer’s safety, and perhaps, save her life. One evening, when a man came in and started talking loudly and wildly gesturing while standing near a teenage girl who was studying. The barista pretended she was bringing an extra hot chocolate that “nobody ever picked up” to the girl, with the following message written on the cup:

The man left not long after, and the girl was safe. She took the cup home, told her mother what happened, and her mother was so moved, she posted the pic above and her daughter's story on Facebook.

So many times we joke and make social media posts about restaurant workers being apathetic or giving poor service. This shows that there are good, vigilant people in this industry who take action not for publicity or awards, do the right thing.

Well done Starbucks!

⏱ One-Minute Coaching Session

What opportunities are you giving your audience to know and engage with you, as a content creator or brand? The fact is,you can’t grow your audience if you’re still doing Web 1.0 content  in a Web 3.0 world. What I’m trying to say is, your content is just the beginning.  Some ideas:

  • Grab your phone or tablet and go live on Facebook or Instagram occasionally, using the chat function to converse with your audience. Tip: Any questions they have could be future content topics.
  • Hold a livestream event (free or paid) and offer training, a live “ask me anything”, or a “live” version of your podcast or vlog. You can use Zoom free for up to 45 minutes to get started.
  • Not ready to get on camera? Hold a meetup using one of the new social audio apps Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse, or Green Room by Spotify.

What I’m digging this week

🎧 Listening: Inventing Anna soundtrack on Spotify. Beats are funky, but be warned, the lyrics are NSFW. I'll make a clean version and share.

📚 Reading: This Book Will Teach You How To Write Better – by Neville Medhora. Neville teaches copywriting courses online. This is a good book to get started with the basics of copywriting, and only about $4.00 USD.

✏️ Learning: Taking a couple of classes  on Udemy about NFTs and NFT investing. The instructor, Henrique Centieiro, is just fantastic. He explains everything well and is so passionate about the entire metaverse. Very intelligent guy. Highly recommend his Udemy courses.

@ Following: @FakeJeopardyStories on Twitter. This is definitely nerd humor, but if you’re a Jeopardy fan, you know there’s the part where the host has each contestant share an unusual or fun fact with the audience. Amazingly, the person who runs the account creates satirical riffs of the contestants’ answers and tweets them while the show is still on. Guaranteed good clean laugh.

Until next week, keep pounding!